The Mona Lisa


My name is Andrew Selkirk, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the magazines Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology.

These pages record the recent round-the-world trip I made in March 2011 with my wife, Wendy.

I am now semi-retired, but I am still editor-in-chief of two magazines, Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology. Current Archaeology is our original magazine which I launched with my wife in 1967. By comparison, Current World Archaeology is a mere stripling,  being launched in 2003, so it is only 8 years old. Current Archaeology covers archaeology in Britain, whereas Current World Archaeology, as its name suggests, covers archaeology in the rest of the world. I will be writing about some of the sites we visited in CWA, mainly Easter Island, but probably also something on the marai of Tahiti.

And my background? Well I originally read Greats (classics) at Oxford where I was president of the Oxford University Archaeological Society and I then became a Chartered Accountant before giving up accountancy to launch Current Archaeology in 1967. The magazines are now run by my son Robert who has also launched a third magazine, Military Times. Thanks to Robert and his wife Libby, we now have three grand-daughters and a grandson.


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