North Island

In New Zealand we arrived in Auckland, the capital, where we stayed  with my cousins, Roy and Sue Good.  Sue, who is my cousin, is married to Roy,  who is one of the leading pioneers of abstact art in  New Zealand. They live in fantastic modern house, built in 1970 on the outskirts of Auckland in the foothills of the Waitakere ranges, which form the western rim of the huge extinct volcano in the crater of which Auckland is situated.

They have  wonderful views out over Auckland.

Here is a view of the house from the driveway, showing its multi-level construction.

And here is Wendy sitting in their sitting room,  with one of Roy’s compositions in the ceiling.

And this is their inner sanctum, their Conversation room, decorated with some of Roy’s finest paintings.

And this is the view from Sue’s kitchen,  looking out over her garden, which consists essentially of trees, and blending in with the woodlands beyond,  and then further views over Auckland and its harbour in the far distance.

And this is Auckland itself taken from Mount Eden, which is the crater of a small extinct volcano. From here you can see Auckland and Auckland Bay and Devonport in the distance

We went across to Devonport and this is the view of the business district seen from the boat as we were crossing the harbour.

This is Ferry Building, the finest neoclassical building in Auckland, built originally in 1912 and rebuilt in 1990

Auckland Museum has a fine collection of Maori relics. This is the front of one of the highly decorated 19th-century ceremonial houses

Finally we also went swimming,  and this is Piha Bay with the Lion rock at the centre. This is the best known surfing beach in New Zealand, at least partly because it is the site of a well-known New Zealand television programme Piha Rescue in which volunteer lifeguards rescue those who get into difficulty on the beach.

Click here for my attempt at swimming

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