NZ Swimming

Swimming in New Zealand

On our last day in New Zealand we went swimming, which meant crossing over the Waitakere ranges –  the rim of the former volcano in which Auckland is set — to the beaches on the far side.  The main beach is the Piha beach which is now notorious in New Zealand because of a TV programme called ‘Piha Rescue’ in which glamorous young maidens rescue swimmers who are swept away.

I tried swimming there, too . . . 

We first saw it in a spectacular view from the top, with the ‘Lion Rock’ at the centre.

There were only a few swimmers, and they were all wearing wetsuits so we decided they were a training group and it was probably too cold for normal swimming.  We therefore opted out and instead we went on a long walk through the jungle to the spectacular “Kite Kite” waterfall  which is certainly most spectacular.

We half wondered whether we should swim in the pool at the foot of the waterfall but we had not bought our swimming costumes with us. We half thought of skinny-dipping but it was rather slippery, and I was worried about getting out. So we kept our virtue intact and walked back.

If only we had been a bit younger, we would certainly have stripped off.

However, on our return to the beaches, we found a hoard of girls in bikinis. They weren’t swimming, and I think they were models who were modelling bikinis. They had brought a whole clothes rack of bikinis with them that they were trying out and being photographed in, though not actually doing any swimming.  I managed to get a surreptitious shot of them.

This emboldened me to strip off and prepare to go swimming on this fearsome beach.

Here I am in my swimming costume,

My cousin Roy had his camera with him and took these photos of my attempt at swimming

Here I am, wading out boldly into the sea,

Well, not all that boldly – I have my hands cautiously clasped behind my back

And this is as far as I got.

The waves were breaking nicely but Wendy and Roy shouted at me and told me to come back in. There is apparently a fiercesome undertow – and none of the lifeguards was on  duty- it was March, and too late in the year!

One last look at the beach and the rocks as we made our  way back to the car park

And here is a final view looking back on the beach.

Next time, perhaps I will be able to go for a proper swim!

On to the South Island

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